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DIY Sliding Wardrobe Door Build & Installation

(using Bunnings Cowdroy Door Track)

Looking to give your wardrobe a refresh, but not sure where to start?

Let me take you through the installation process of our 2nd bedroom/study wardrobe (or closet for my North American friends).

Video - Timestamps

00:00 Intro

01:45 Door Frames Construction

05:06 Door MDF Skins

08:56 Painting & Moving the New Doors

10:49 Removing the Old Hinged Doors

13:20 Installing the Top Rail & Hanging the Doors

16:15 Lower Guide & Hardware Installation

17:46 Pelmet, Trim & Completion


This page was built in partnership with Carbatec.

Yes, I'm a brand champion, but as I've mentioned elsewhere, I only deal with and recommend companies that I buy from irrespective of any support (free and discounted products) they provide.

Check out their products from Kreg Tools used extensively in this video.

The Details

It had HUGE hinged doors which, while nice, took up half the room to open and needed renovation. So I decided to replace them with a DIY sliding door system from Bunnings.


I made the hollow core MDF doors from scratch with Kreg pocket hole joinery, bought a Cowdroy track rail from Bunnings for them to run on, and installed a custom pelmet trim piece to cap it off.

This was a big project that took a few weeks on and off to complete but saved us heaps compared to a professional installation.


Watch the instructional video above (or click through here to watch on my YouTube channel) to learn more about how I accomplished this mini project:

Give it a go

If you’d like to give this project a go for yourself, listed below are all of the products that I used:

This is the track system I used (Note: Australian Big Box Store)

Bunnings Cowdroy 2400mm Quick-Fix Door Track Set -


In the USA I've been able to find this similar Primeline Bypass Closet Track Kit - (Please Note: I've not tested this kit but it looks OK)


If you are looking for tools for this project, I've got you covered with these Affiliate Links (They cost no more but help support my YouTube channel).


The Full Fixit Fingers Tool Shop (US) -

Here you'll find almost all the tools I use in my shop from the Bosch Mitre saw to Glue and Sandpaper :D


Kreg Australia Gear at Carbatec: 

The Aussie Makita Tool Shop:

Fixit Fingers Merch:


Tools Used in this Video (USA Affiliate Links)

K5 Master System -

Kreg Face Clamps -

Kreg Rip-Cut -

Kreg Square-Cut -

Kreg Pocket-Hole Clamp -

Kreg Screws Starter Kit: -

Japanese Pull Saw (Ryoba) - 

10" Bosch Axial Glide Saw - (or the 12" -

Makita Circular Saw - 

Makita Router (with Plunge Base) - 

Makita 3-1/4" Planer - 

Makita Random Orbital Sander -

Makita Drill & Driver Kit - 

Ryobi Corded Jigsaw -

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